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Engine balancing

Engine balancing

Autosprint have two dynamic engine balancing machines which will enable us to balance your engine precisely to racing tolerances.

Dynamic engine balancing will allow your engine to run smoother, use safer, higher R.P.M., prolong engine life - All engines balanced.

Here are just a few price examples:- (Please telephone for a firm quotation for your particular engine)

A full engine balance comprises of dynamically balancing crankshaft, front pulley, flywheel and clutch, con-rods and pistons.

Dynamic Engine Balancing Price
4-Cylinder - Full balance 125.00
6-Cylinder - Full balance 145.00
Ford V6 - Full balance 265.00
Rover V8 - Full balance 285.50
All balancing prices correct as at January 2020. Please call or email for latest prices.