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Autosprint (Birmingham) was founded by Geoff Dodd in 1972 and has refurbished heads and camshafts for all sorts of applications.

Autosprint will supply the components you require and you will be confident knowing that we will supply the finest components at very competitive prices, whether it be a minor part or major component for a complete engine rebuild, Autosprint will endeavour to offer a solution.

Autosprint source components world-wide to help you solve your problem quickly, we not only offer performance and competition components but can offer you standard parts for a normal rebuild.

Autosprint supply a complete range of cylinder head components which include complete performance cylinder head, valve guides, valves and valve springs. We also offer a complete range of forged competition valves and performance valve springs from early 'A' Series Rover to Zetec in various strengths and fitted lengths to suit your application.

Autosprint offer a complete range of pistons/liner kits from manufacturers AE, Hepolite, Mahle, Karl Schmitt, Perfect Circle, Accrolite, Omega etc. and a full range of crankshaft bearings to suit all applications.

We offer and grind standard and performance for all applications which we can grind from new 'blanks' or in most applications we can profile your existing camshaft into a performance profile. We also supply camshaft kits complete with performance cam followers, valve springs and camshaft ground to your performance profile and specification.

Autosprint have the experience and specialist knowledge to supply the components you require, safely knowing we will supply you with the correct parts to suit your application

Please telephone for more information so we can ascertain the correct parts that you require.